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Do you need legal help with your real estate transaction? Contact The Law Offices of Kassab Arabo today at 248-686-1822, or online, for help with your finances, real estate or personal injury. We offer free initial office consultations. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and evenings and weekends by appointment. Our firm is in Commerce Township, Michigan. We serve southeast Michigan.

Foreclosure/Short Sale Law

Foreclosures & Short Sales are a beyond stressful situation for most clients as it involves the family home. Our firm is dedicated to navigating you and your family through this stressful situation by providing the best legal options.

Residential and Commercial Sales

Whether you are selling a home, office space or a shopping center, there is no greater value than having an experienced attorney in your corner. Commercial and residential real estate is particularly complicated. A seasoned lawyer can review all the real estate contracts to ensure you are compliant with state and federal laws. You will...


THE LAW OFFICES OF KASSAB ARABO, PLLC Is your home in foreclosure and you are unsure of your options? Whether the current foreclosure proceedings on your home are a result of a bankruptcy, or you have not yet filed for bankruptcy, The Law Offices of A. Kassab Arabo, PLLC, can help you. Do you need an...

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

GET OUT FROM UNDER YOUR HOUSE When facing the possibility of foreclosure, homeowners may feel as though they have limited options to save their homes. It is important to know that options do exist to stop the foreclosure process and possibly even stay in your home. Deed in lieu of foreclosure is one of these...

Underwater Mortgage

OVERCOMING AN UPSIDE-DOWN MORTGAGE Do you owe more on your mortgage than your house is currently worth? This is a growing trend in Michigan and across the United States. You are probably struggling, wondering what to do. Should you keep making payments, despite your home’s current value? Or are there other options available that would...

Short Sales

THE LAW OFFICES OF KASSAB ARABO, PLLC | WEST BLOOMFIELD SHORT SALE ATTORNEY If you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments but you don’t want to go through foreclosure proceedings during a bankruptcy, you still have options. The dedicated lawyers at The Law Offices of Kassab Arabo, PLLC, can help you understand how...

Business Transactions

THE LAW OFFICES OF KASSAB ARABO, PLLC | WEST BLOOMFIELD BUSINESS ATTORNEY When you need assistance with your business transaction, the Michigan business lawyer at The Law Offices of Kassab Arabo, PLLC, are at your side. We offer customized legal services at our office in West Bloomfield, Michigan, to various business interests, including sole proprietors to...

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