Have you or a love one been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI, OWI, OUI)? The representation you receive in a DUI case in one of the most important decisions you will ever face. It can affect the rest of your life if your case is not handled properly. Thus, place your trust in a former prosecutors hands that understands your situation better than any other attorney. You have a strong opportunity not to be convicted, so don’t lose hope. We defend all DUI charges, first offense, second offense, third offense, and driver’s license restoration.

Retaining an experienced attorney, who was also a prosecuting attorney can be the important factor in your DUI. You cannot find a better attorney than Andrew A. Kassab, a former prosecutor in one of the busiest circuit courts in Michigan. Andrew has the experience and expertise to help you during the most critical time of your life. If your license is taken away, then potentially losing your job could be the worse consequence. Andrew is an attorney with integrity serving all his clients as though they are his own family. We are a family owned law firm that treats everyone like family.

Most working class citizens cannot have a Michigan DUI conviction. The Detroit automotive sales person. The Royal Oak Doctor. Macomb bartender. Small business owner in Clinton Township. Or the restaurant waiter in Mt. Clements. People charged with drunken driving face an extremely stressful situation that can be life altering if you have the wrong attorney. Folks depend on our legal representation from Shelby Township to Sterling Heights we are here to serve our clients. We can represent clients facing a DUI in Macomb County or a DUI in Oakland County.